I'm in a redraft std league with 1 keeper - do I draft Zeke?

I’m in a 12 team standard re-draft league. However, we allow 1 keeper from season to season - without a specific draft pick penalty (i.e. everyone just keeps their best player).

Zeke has not been kept by his owner. Given Zeke is likely to be a staple Top 3 RB for many seasons to come (if he can keep out of trouble) do I draft him even if it hurts this season? Or is that projecting too far ahead?

I have Beckham who is also likely to be a top tier performer for a while.

So if you draft zeke… Then next year you plan on dropping OBJ and keeping zeke your saying

Yup, that would be the choice. So perhaps only a minor gain - but was figuring those top tier bell-cow RBs are pretty valuable.

They are valuable, but to an extent. Rbs come and go so fast its impossible to predict who will be around and when. But, saying that it isn’t the worst idea. If he is another 8 year starter producing at the level he is, then it’s worth it. Me personally, I’m building to win now almost always. Dynasty is different. Since you already have a top talent, I wouldn’t do it I don’t think. Build to win, and I think you will be more happy with your results.

Thanks Buster, that’s helpful.