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I'm in Pickle. Who Do I START?


Kareem Hunt, Doug Martin, Aaron Jones, Carlos Hyde.

I need to start 2 of them. And Perhaps Flex one more.



Kareem and douggie - no need to get creative here. For flex I would go with carlos hyde - should be a running game for sure (2 bad qbs).


Hunt is a must, then I would probably go Jones or Martin.


Thank you!


I’d Go Hunt and Hyde


Hunts a must every week, I believe Hyde is a must this week. Then depending on your receivers I’d go doug in the flex


My receivers are Mike Evans, AJ Green, and DeAndre Hopkins.
I’d like to start Doug Martin in the flex but Im starting Jameis Winston and Im concerned about starting a QB, RB, and WR from the same team in a so-so matchup.

What do you think?


I like the matchup for sure for Tampa. I’d sit Hopkins imo. Rather test out that system with savage back with Hopkins on the bench


But AJ also has the jags so I’d definitely go with the three Backs this week


hunt and jones-