I'm justified in being mad this trade wasn't accepted right?

I made a trade offer which was rejected and I’m really annoyed about it.
League: PPR, 1QB, 10 man league.
I offered him Christian McCaffrey and next year’s 4th round pick
in return for Jared Goff and next year’s 3rd round pick. (by the way he also has Brady on his team)

I thought it was a fair, if not generous offer. He said he wouldn’t consider any draft pick trades unless it was the 9th round or later (which I told him I consider that completely worthless since I can pick up better players through the season than those late round guys).

I mean, I’m not crazy for being mad about this right?

The league manager vetoed this? I have never been in a dynasty league so don’t know anything about loading up on draft picks. But that trade is more then fair

Not a dynasty league. Nobody vetoed it.

The guy just didn’t accept the trade.

Sure, you can be mad, but…
Are trades common in your league?
Is he in need of an RB?
Maybe he likes having two QBs in his team?
Not everyone understands the value in trading, making a change in your team, especially if your team is struggling, then something must be done or your season might be over.

And some men just want to watch the world burn… I mean just don’t do trades.

I have sent out 15+ trade offers to my league mates, no one has accepted my offers. (and yes, I have done the research on the other teams needs, used trade value charts, rest of season rankings and made fair offers, but they must think I’m bullying them since I’m 7-0 and their teams suck except for maybe 2 players and I want one of them).

And also, trades are very rare in my league, maybe a couple of trades late in the season right before deadline, when keeper-worthy-players are traded. (2 keeper league, but this was the last year with keepers). So no reason to hold on to a specific player when you can upgrade your team overall.

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