I'm lost with my roster. *Whole league outlined inside*

When I look at my roster, and other rosters, I have no idea what moves to make. It’s only in this league do I feel so lost. What kind of trades/ pickups can I be doing to make it to playoffs? Trade for depth? Trade for studs? Appreciate all the help I can get.

We start 1QB - 2RB - 3WR - 1FLX - 1TE.

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I’d be a little uneasy with Cook at TE and Hilton as my WR1. I’d consider selling high on either Lindsay or Howard and packaging with a non-Hilton WR, probably Tate, to get an upgrade at WR1 or TE. You can afford less RB depth, because all of your RB’s are through the bye. You could also drop a WR if a RB came up on waivers (e.g. I might drop Moore for Mike Davis or Alfred Morris).

I’d also rather have Winston as my 2nd QB if you’re going to roster 2 of them. I think Fitz is the QB in Tampa for 1 more week, 2 tops, and he could be benched mid-game at any time. Winston has more upside than Stafford. He’s kind of like Watson, not a great QB but a good fantasy QB. Even when Winston was benched last week, he had like 200 yards at the half. He’s got a great WR corps, poor Tampa running game, and game script is always going to favor them. You can bank on at least 1 pick per game, but at least that many TD’s.

Cook as my TE always has it’s ups and downs. I just picked up Dak today just to see if he continued to trend upward but that didn’t happen.

If I’m offering up a Lindsay/ Howard + Tate/ Sutton package or something like that. Which teams should I go after for that trade?

Idk about the exact package but team 2 probably needs the win this upcoming week and Diggs is on the bye. Not only is he down a top WR, his team is also shallow at RB.

Team 6 has a mess at RB, I’d try to go after Keenan Allen as well. Although you’ll have less leverage with this owner as Allen is already past his bye.

With that package I’d target Diggs and a RB on team 2; Green and Ingram on team 8 (buying low on both players). Team 3 and 10 are also interesting potential partners IMO, because both have two WR1’s, and the owners may view one of them as expendable. For Team 3, the owner might also be willing to shed Michel or White as part of a package, whichever they least prefer, since both play for the same team. For Team 10, I’d target Thomas and possibly settle for Cooks if they weren’t willing to move Thomas. If team 10 was pessimistic about Cook’s health at RB, they may be willing to move him with a WR as part of a package, too.

If you wanted a QB upgrade via trade, I’d go for Watson on Team 9. Any team with Mahomes probably doesn’t care too much about their second QB.

So with your plan, were you thinking of targeting players who are on BYE/ injured and would benefit me later down the road? The guys with the WR1s are pretty stingy with them as we start 2RB - 3WR - 1FLX in this league. I could possibly target Michel and see what I can get there though.

2 and 8 also have losing records, so those type of players on their teams should be more gettable.

I didn’t realize you were starting 3 WR’s. That would probably take team 3 out then. I’d still target Cooks from team 10 though.

Haha, yeah, since we start 3 WR +1FLX, does my situation seem a bit more dire now?

Yea. I don’t see you beating team 5 or 10 as constructed. But good luck!!

What’s funny is team 10 should be undefeated or 8-1 but he sets the roster at the beginning of the week and CT gets ruled out the day before the games leaving him with a 0.

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What do you guys think about this?
ie. see how many TE’s some people hold in this league?

I think i’d go after Engram with Howard. Team 8 can live without Engram and needs a RB2. Then i’d go after Watson (QB) with Tate and roll with Sutton, Kirk or Moore as WR2. Your clear weaknesses are QB and TE and your strength is WR. If you can trade for Watson, drop the other two QBs for best available on waiver.

His league starts 3WRs, it’s actually kinda shallow imo. My league settings are the same as his.

The 3WR thing is what kills me. My WRs used to be really good (Evans, Tate, Juju, Hilton, John Brown) but I had to trade for RBs because I had Bell earlier in the season and the others that I drafted are all currently on IR aside from Kerryon which I traded.

I agree that my weaknesses are my QB/ TE position. I can try for Engram and see what I can do there. So I would be going for Watson and then streaming this week til he comes back next week?

Try to make the trade so that it goes into effect next week for Watson.

I traded Christian Kirk for Evan Engram so far.
Team 5 offered me Cohen for Hilton. Would you guys do that?
I’m still trying to get rid of Howard atm.

Great trade man for Engram. Not sure i would want Cohen since you own Howard. I’d package Hilton and Howard for Cooper or MJJ.

This guy drafted both Howard and Cohen, then traded Howard to me at the beginning of the season. Now wants to trade Cohen lol.

Would you accept the trade if I get rid of Howard+ for a different WR?