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I'm lost with my roster. *Whole league outlined inside*


Need specifics.


I’m asking if you would take Cohen/ Hilton trade if I was to turn around and get rid of Howard this week as well.


Depends on who you’re getting out of Howard. Shop him around before accepting this trade. I’d personally rather have Cohen than Howard ROS, especially PPR. Cohen has a much higher ceiling and suites this new offense well.

However you need to make this trade quickly while Howard has more recent success and Cohen’s value is low.


The only reason I would part with Hilton would be as part of a deal that gave you a significant upgrade at WR1. You can’t have Tate as your WR1


You’re saying give up Hilton and Howard for Marvin Jones Jr.?

Did I read that right?


Hilton + Howard for Cohen + MJJ/Cooper