I'm not an experienced trader. I just got offered R. Woods and L. Murray to give up Mack... hold on, this trade sucks!

12 team redraft; .5ppr; 6pt QB TD; 7 bench.

My n00b analysis: Woods and Murray are #2 or flex plays mostly, and Mack is an every-week start whose been either great or meh. Mack has Den, PIT, Mia, Jax coming up. He could explode. I need the wins.

I’m 4-3 and the team I’d send him to is 5-2, obviously trying to shore up his RB spot after Mack has a disappointing (8.9pt) game and a big (32+ pt) Murray game. Mack is going to go nuts, right? I’m not sold on this deal considering my WR game is solid and my RBs are better…

Hell. I just talked myself out of it. No way I’m taking this. Does anyone have thoughts on a counter offer that might be worth my time? Thanks!