I'm not crazy... am I?

Have an offer in my inbox:

My Zeke, Allen Robinson, and George Kittle

For his Saquon and Keenan Allen

This should be a no-brainer for me, right? I have Jordan Howard, Jay Ajayi, Davante Adams, Corey Davis , and Jordan Reed as notable names on my bench…

Maybe I’m crazy but I just could never see myself accepting that

Could you expand on the reasoning? Feels like a major upgrade at my WR2 spot, while not taking THAT much of a hit to my RB1. I’ve got the depth at TE with Reed now past his bye. And if he gets hurt, I can stream accordingly. How are you coming at it which gives you hesitation?

I’m taking Saquon and keenan allen in this trade. It’s not as crazy of a trade because it actually is really close - it’s just who you think will perform better this season and I personally like Saquon just as much as Zeke and Keenan Allen>Robinson for sure. Kittle is cute to put in the lineup, but hopefully you can stream a replacement for him.

But yeah the trade is close mainly because of how scarce TE is.


You have jordan reed - I would pull the trigger

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