Im offered Melvin Gordon for my B.Aiyuk , should I take it?

This is a 10 full PPR league. This is my team.

QB- K.Murray
RB- A.Jones
RB- J.Taylor
WR. K.Allen
WR- D.Mooney
TE- T.Higbee
Flex- N.Agholor
D- Washington
K- R. Succop


WR- B. Aiyuk
WR- D.Moore
QB- T.Lawrence
RB- Mark Ingram
RB- T.Jones Jr.

Should I accept that offer, IF so. What player should I drop in order to get a WR from waivers?

I have to bet for a player on waivers. How much money I should drop for another player if I take this trade? I have $789 left for the rest of the season.

I did lost my 1st week because Aiyuk screwed me over.

I LOST BY .99 points!! So Pissed! Yes the score was 124.33 to 123.33


Aiyuk is like your 2nd-best WR, so no, I wouldn’t trade him for a has-been RB who managed to break a 70 yard TD this week. Someone’s just trying to take advantage of his sell-high opportunity to try to trick you into selling low.

Alright cool, I hope Aiyuk gets back on track and not burn me like he did on Sunday.

You had no business starting him on Sunday anyway. It was a terrible matchup for him and you probably had better options on your bench.

I tried to advise as many as I could, but even Axe Elf can’t save everyone.

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No worries man, pretty much the team I have mentioned is how I will start this week unless Aiyuk gets the green light, I’ll sit Mooney and start him. I do like Aghelor vs Jets as my flex.

Do you think Aiyuk is going to be fine? I have a solid team this year and someone just dropped him to waivers. I’m seriously considering spending 100% FAAB to get him. Eli Mitchell just went for 81% FAAB and had multiple other bids for 50%+. I have to think Aiyuk is the better season-long asset over Mitchell.