Im offering C. Davis & D. Lewis for Bell

Im offering Corey Davis and Dion Lewis for Bell I have Saquan Barkley, and David Johnson and Royce,“no help” what do yall think,my wide receiver core is Fitzgerald, Cooper, Marvin Jones, Cobb and Chris Godwin,full PPR

Even with bell out I wouldn’t take that trade unless my team is absolutely garbage

you basically have my line up Davis and Lewis are on my bench…i may make this same offer,who knows when Bell will be back,but even if its just for playoffs, it would be worth it

People would much rather hold onto bell in the hopes that he plays at least ONE game than own those two players - but go for it.

I don’t think you’re an obvious loser or winner with the trade due to all the uncertainty with Bell. If it was me, though, I wouldn’t offer it. You’re selling low with both Davis and Lewis. Unless you need the roster spots for something better, I’d hold them both