I'm panicking because I bombed Week 1...slap some sense into me please!

Okay so apart from Lamar Jackson, everyone last week pretty much sucked for me.

I’m thinking of making some trades/moves already, I know I shouldn’t tilt too quickly so I’m hoping the Footclan can help me out!

Do you see anyone worth getting rid of? Right now I really dont like Kyle Rudolph for one.

I’m thinking of maybe trading Chris Thompson to the Derrius Guice owner to get Marquise Brown

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First I would try to get a better TE. and I would flex miles sanders

Yeah I’m trying to look and see if I can trade for Hockenson or Waller…14 team league with deep bench means not much is left on the waiver wire

I’m in an office league, 12 teams but only 4 owners who do more than set and forget. Trades will pretty much sit out until they rot, so I have to rely on the wire

I’m not sure what your reply is in reference to?

@thomas_man…I think what he’s saying is that he doesn’t have many trade options in this league and therefore depending on the WW. But @dhauk…I think maybe your best move would be for TE. Andrews, Waller, Hockenson available???

I understand what he meant, just didn’t know how it connected to my thread :sweat_smile:

And unfortunately none of those TEs are available, I really wanted one of them…

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Here are the TEs available on Waiver Wire…with 14 teams and 7 bench spots, there’s nothing left

@thomas_man…sorry buddy, I reckon I misunderstood your post. WOW…I see your dilemma there!!! WOW…LOL…really curious as to what others here would do. I wouldn’t have a clue…I can DEFINITELY see your frustration in that. That’s DEFINITELY a tough one. (LOL…sorry…I know I was A LOT OF HELP HERE!!!) :roll_eyes:

I’d try to package rudolph and ito smith to the freeman owner for a better TE or thrown in samuel too to try to get a legit WR2… my rule of thumb is trade by draft value through week 3. If they haven’t produced by then, then u can tilt trade