I'm panicking... help

Kupp may be out with a torn ACL
Tre-quan Smith didnt even get a TARGET all game and hasn’t been useful in the last few weeks at all.

That leaves me with AB+Thielen to try and carry the WRs but I have no one left and I need to start 3 WRs. Is there anyone worth picking up as a WR3 in case Kupp does go down with season-ending injury? And what the hell do I do with Smith!?

Here is my current waiver options…I have 0 FAAB left too

Is it a start 3 wr league? What are your other options.

Sign Josh Reynolds. He’s already flashed in Kupp’s absence.

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john brown shouldnt be on the waivers, in my opinion… if not him, i like christian kirk(even though he only had 8 yards today, he had 6 targets, and this is enough to make him a bench option)

That’s what I’m thinking too…might pick up John Brown…

@MikeMeUpp need your insights on this one buddy. Have you seen anyone recently who you think might be a good waiver pick up as a WR3?

Dude, there are a lot of viable options there! You’re fine. Best replacements are Brown, Moncrief, Snead, Sanu, Kirk.

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Its not the time to panick. You have a lot of viable options on the waiver wire.

John Brown although he’s been not very good lately, has shown he can be. Although with Flacco questionable, that brings in question marks.

Reynolds is a good one to have cause he already replaced Kupp as we’ve seen with Kupp out.

Sanu is anther decent option as well who gives u a decent floor at WR3 with like 12-15 point upside in TD games.

And I think Christian Kirk is actually a pretty decent pick up in half or full ppr formats. He has decent chemistry with Rosen and has had like 5+ targets every game except 2. Also he has a great matchup coming up vs Oakland and a great playoff schedule with Det, Atl, rams.

Those are incredible waiver options! My top picks are Brown and Moncreif for upside. But Kirk, Sanu, and Reynolds are all safer and very good options!

Thanks for the reassuring comments guys.

How would you rank these guys? I’m looking at picking up 2 guys, and with no FAAB bid left, I’m planning ahead in case I don’t get my #1 choices.

Moncrief has been impressive lately, not to mention Bortles isn’t playing that badly. With Fournette back, he has a lot less pressure on him to produce for the JAX offense which in turn I think is making him better. Just watching that game, Moncrief isn’t the most amazing WR but he has speed and a decent football IQ, also being the #1 option for that passing offense. They also play the Steelers next week which has a vulnerable secondary yet an explosive offense so they will likely be playing from behind throwing a lot of passes. Second I would say is Brown or Kirk, both proven to be effective yet each a bit of a gamble. Both OAK and CIN have unimpressive secondaries, I would say Oakland worse. Its your call, but any of them would likely be a fine streaming option.

John Brown, Josh Reynolds, or Christian Kirk are all great options. Josh Reynolds has shown he can be good consistently especially since he is on a very powerful offense with a KC matchup next week. I lost Kupp too.

Is my Yahoo league right in saying that Josh Reynolds hasn’t seen a target in 2 weeks? Wouldn’t he be a low floor guy since he’s competing for targets with a loaded offense?

Reynolds wasn’t used because Kupp came back. Look what he did when Kupp was previously out. Low floor guy in that offense isn’t that low. Kupp-Woods-Cooks have all ate in spite of being secondary to Gurley. He’s flashed in the role and the team as shown he’s the guy to take over for Kupp if he is out. You can’t base it on whta he was doing with Kupp on the field because he wasn’t getting playing time.

id rank them:

  1. j Brown
  2. Sanu
  3. Moncrief
  4. Agholor
  5. Snead
  6. Kirk
  7. Beasley, stills, Keelan

J Brown by far on top imo, best combo of volume and major upside, his floor can be quite low when his qb and O-line are sucking…good for 5-25+ Pts every week. Idk what Lamar Jackson is gonna do though so maybe a risk but def is a risk worth taking.

Sanu is almost a lock to get 5+ targets with minimum 1 designed end zone target and 1 designed big yardage target for him specifically. But don’t depend on him getting you week winning points, ever. He’s best as a guy who will be on the field in a powerful offense in important and competitive games everhbweek pretty much. Ryan overthrew him on an end zone fade today and got sacked trying to throw to him on a 2 pt. He had his usual 8-10 points, 8 bc of an uncharacteristic fumble he lost. He’s good for 8-20 any normal week basically.

Brown is boom-bust but if he’s available you take him.

Also the falcons are like never gonna run anymore now that they are on the verge of playoff ruin, so his targets could go up. Home game next up which usually means a lot of points (for both teams lol)

Moncrief looks to be the John brown of Jax, but he’s not really a super talented football player haha, seriously, but he’s getting open and is fast so he’s a good option for upside when you need it. Hell do what he did today again, and prob will have some zero point games too.

I like Agholor a lot more right now. Tate clearly helped him get open. He’s a target monster by waiver wire standards.

Sorry this is all in PPR terms I should add

ehhh dude. he is kupps backup.