Im really struggling on this trade offer

Im trading away DJ and Golladay for Michael thomas and carson

i have mixon and bell at running backs and collins, clement, powell until bell gets back.
Receivers are AJ green, sanders, allison and coutee.

Im in first so im mainly think is my team when all starting better after this trade than before.

I’m not sold on this. Mixon may not stay healthy and who knows Lev’s role in Pitt when he returns. He doesn’t want as many touches, he wants to be traded next year, and the Steelers would be wise to understand that and utilize their starting RB next year (Conner) as more of a RBBC. MT has an edge on Golladay. I don’t like Carson at all so to me it seems like DJ and Golladay for MT.

pretty much my thought too. I just havent trusted DJ that much this year also have loved golladay at the same time. The mixon part about staying healthy is any player in the nfl but i get if he gets hurt im screwed.

Seattle’s RB situation is the same as last year.
just a mess. but carson and davis seem to have a committee roll that can get into the endzone (unlike the cough cough tans)
its really dj vs thomas and golloday vs carson. i think both your guys you are giving up have more value.

p.s. what size league are you in that you got DJ, Bell and Mixon?
or was somebody desperate enough to drop mix when he went down?

I traded for bell before it got announced he was coming back week 8. and mixon fell a little in the draft. 10 team league. pretty much agree with what you say. for me it really came down to DJ vs MT. standard league makes me mostly go running back.

I think overall DJ will have more value than thomas moving forward.
Saints have so many weapons for passing. while thomas will pretty well be the WR1, against tough defenses he is going to have down weeks. DJ you know what you are getting week to week.

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