I'm sitting Fuller to start McLaurin, Beasley, and Lazard

Will Fuller has looked great lately but I feel like still coming back to take half of the deep throws really diminishes his value. Fuller seems like the type of player dependant on many many opportunities and he doesn’t get the volume with another burner out there. I like all the signs of lazard. Rodgers is a little bitch who only cares about his stats and he has a 6’5 burner with a wingspan and catch radius bigger than both Smurfs combined. That’s too juicy a target for arod to pass up on. Anybody have any other insight?

I’d definitely play Fuller over Lazard. It only takes one play for him to pay off and Watson actually does look his way pretty often. It won’t matter that Stills will be back on the field, Stills runs most of his routes from the slot. Fuller is a high upside play every week. Fuller actually doesn’t rely on volume, he relies more so on big plays

Fuller over Lazard for me too

Fuller over Lazard for me