I'm thinking of starting a Dynasty League. Maybe draft tonight or tomorrow

Hi Footclan! I hope all is well with you.

I would be playing Dynasty for the first time and I am considering starting a league on Sleeper.

Since I’m new to it, I might make the league free for the first year, and then a money league the next season.

Before I create a league, can you all help me with some questions that I have please?

  1. When is the ideal time to do a Dynasty Draft? Is it too early to draft now?

  2. Do you draft rookies and every other player in the same draft? Or draft rookies now and then every other player at a later date?

  3. How many teams are recommended? I like having 10 teams in redraft. Would 10 or 12 teams be better in a Dynasty league?

  4. Do you use FAAB money during the whole year or just during the season?

  5. What roster size is recommended? Are taxi squad players recommended? And let’s say you set your roster of 20 players for example and you have taxi squads too. Is your taxi squad players part of that 20 man roster, or is the taxi a separate amount from the 20 ? How many players are recommended to be in your taxi squad?

Thanks Footclan! Is anyone interested in joining my Dynasty league? If so, please let me know and I will gladly send you an invite or just post the link for it in this thread​:+1::football: