I'm tilting and I need help

It’s the first night of the season, yet my team is still without a name that will strike fear into the hearts of my adversaries.

Kirk Cousins
Todd Gurley
Melvin Gordon
Dalvin Cook
Mark Ingram
Carlos Hyde
Tyreek Hill
Doug Baldwin
Emmanuel Sanders
Marvin Jones Jr.
Devin Funchess
Alshon Jefferey
Mason Crosby

I’ve tried “Better Bread, Better Subs”. “Hyde and Tyreek”. “The Spice Gurleys”. Something about Gordon Ramsay Cooking shit.

However, none of them really give me the confidence that I’ll surely need in order to withstand victories.

Someone help me…

“Hyde Yo Kids, Hyde Yo Wife”
“The VINdicators” because of Melvin, Devin, Marvin, and Dalvin.
“The Hill Crosby Special”

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Gurley Men

Crosby, Hill, & Flash


I went Bill Cosby’s Sleepers in one of my leagues…probably my favorite name this year.

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Captain Kirk’s Spaced Brigade

I really wanted a Crosby, stills & nash reference. I like it

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Hyde you kids, hyde yo wife :+1:

4 Vins for the Win

(4 vins = MelVIN, DalVIN, MarVIN, DeVIN for BaldWIN) Sorry mate, my creativity was spent on that little gem :confused:


Lolol I didn’t even realize that! Excellent work sir.

I have Gurley and Cook as well. I went with Gurley Scout Cookies for my team.

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I settled on Hyde yo Kids, Hyde to Wife with antoine dodson as my team logo

All I do I Baldwin No matter what!