I'm trying to buy AB really low, and I think I'm right

I think Brown’s value takes a huge hit with this news. I’m mostly wanting to buy in hopes that he gets shipped off.

He clearly doesn’t want to play for Oakland and they’re starting to not want him either.

If he gets suspended now we likely won’t see him until week 7. Or we see him week 5 then they’re on bye.

Even though AB has a big price tag I’m worried the coaches down his work on return as well. Or that he underperforms because he can’t seem to be bothered to give a shit right now.

I feel like I’m talking myself OUT of trading anything for him right now. So. Tell me why I should?

My group chat seems to have two ways we are interpreting the news as well:

I read it as they are able to suspend him without pay for 4 games.

They read it as his guarantee can be voided.

If it’s the first one I don’t mind buying low on AB. If it’s the second one I want nothing to do with him whatsoever this season.

It took years for him to fully piss off everyone in PIT. He’s managed to do it in Oakland in 3 weeks. I think he might actually be a crazy person.

You have to be some kinda crazy to not wear proper footwear and get frostbitten feet and keep practicing. More than once.

I agree on the overall philosophy – however I think you are overestimating his time off the field. Have you watched Hard Knocks? It is very clear that the Raiders (Gruden especially) understand they need AB in order take the next step offensively this year. Let’s say hypothetically AB, Mayock, and Gruden all have a sit down tomorrow morning & discussing everything. They get on the same page, and inform AB he will be disciplined for his behavior – why the hell would that be anymore than 1 or 2 weeks? They need him on the field if they agree that they are going to have his back.

Scenario 2 is the relationship is irreparable and he gets his contract voided and is released from the Raiders. He’s still the best and most productive WR in the league - he would get scooped up in less than 24 hours regardless of his contract size & conditions (hello New England). Let’s say that keeps him out 2 weeks to get acclimated and on the same page with his new team. In either scenario - I don’t see him missing too much game action. I am holding on to him where I have shares - and I would recommend sending some buy low offers his way to nervous managers.