Im trying to figure out my QB situation in my dynasty league

I have Lamar Jackson so obviously he’s my starter. My backups are cam newton, teddy bridgewater, and jacoby brissett. Do I drop brissett for tyrod taylor or hold onto brissett and see if he goes somewhere else? Im thinking i grab tyrod. Might be the starter. At least for the beginning of the year and who knows. I think whatever brissett does he stays a backup. What do you think?

I believe you are thinking correctly. Tyrod is the guy in LA for now and could have a descent year with them. Brisset will probably not get another starting job.

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Thanks @adam_cadenhead. I appreciate it. I feel like it’s the right move but it’s always nice to get some validation.

You don’t need Tyrod starting this season right? You have Lamar, Teddy B and Cam(who could get signed and steal Tygod’s job). I would just hold tight with Brissett. He’s several years younger and is the clear backup right now, but who knows maybe after this season Felipe Rios retires and they’re back with just Jacoby as their starter.