Im trying to trade for Joe mixon

It’s a 10 team dynasty league. I was planning on offering the 1.10 and Melvin Gordon to get Joe mixon… Is this trade pretty fair, too much for mixon, too little for mixon? Just want some thoughts. Thanks everybody.

Or i possibly just keep gordon and hope he blows up week 1 and 2 and sell him when his value is higher?

1.10 is likely a tier 2 rookie WR or RB. Neither likely to be especially valuable in 2020, but who knows for 2021. Gordon (I am also a dynasty Melv owner) is a tough one … you are likely selling at/near his bottom today, but he is on the older side and Lindsay still likely getting 30%-40% of touches.

I like the offer, gets you younger (23 vs 27 in 4 days), at a team who is investing in its future and I think Mixon will have a top 5 year this year. I am also a buyer!!!

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