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Impact of adding a 3rd WR position to league?

I am wondering what the impact of adding a third WR spot on player and positional values. My league decided to add a third WR spot to the league 6 days before the draft and I want to ensure I’m optimizing my preparation. Any and all help/feedback and advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Current league scoring -

Teams - 12
QB - 1
RB - 2
WR - 3
Flex - 1
D - 1
K - 1
Bench - 6

There is alot I could say on this… But here is the brief summary.

All it does is make the scrub WR now relavent.

But honestly just this first year I bet the league will really go WR heavy and you will be able to find tons of value at RB and TE/QB.

So that would be my approach… Load up on lots of RB and find the values at WR…

I agree with @Fr0sty11. Find those later Values at Wideout. There are tons of great receivers in the mid to later rounds most of the fantasy world is in love with. My league recently made the change and the teams are either stacked at 3 WR or 2 RB. Maybe two teams are w
ell rounded.