Important QB trade question

1 QB Dynasty league… need a QB. Have Lock, Rivers, and Winston. Can’t live thru another 30/30 with Winston and Lock is unproven. I am doing ok at RB and have an opportunity to trade Darrel Henderson for Baker Mayfield. Would you make the trade?

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100% I would make the trade. I like DH, but IMHO Baker had a bad season and I think will be turning it around. Then you have a long-term starter at QB. I personally also like Lock, so you might be doubly good.

I would not sweat Winston at this point, but having a bit more depth is not bad. I have Winston and the 30 / 30 did not hurt me. He had so many yards I did not feel it all too much. Not ideal, for sure. But it was not so bad on my squad.

I hope something in this helps!

Thanks for the input. I might just wait to make the move and see where Winston goes.

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