Impossible week 11 lineup

My locked in guys are
Qb - Tannehill
Rb - Kamara
Rb - Barkley
WR -
WR -
TE - Waller
Flex -

Need to fill in the rest with the following:
Foreman, Stevenson, Mike Williams, Bateman, Aiyuk, E Sanders


Sanders, Williams, Stevenson. Seems a bit of a crapshoot, but at least these guys (and maybe Bateman) could have a ceiling game.

I agree with @draftwithfriends.

However, I would put in Foreman (plays HOU) instead of Stevenson now that Harris has been cleared to play on Thursday.

@draftwithfriends @recespieces31

Thanks guys. If Harris plays I’m going to go with Foreman and hope they give McNichols a week to rest with the concussion.