Improvements to current team?

Here is my current team in my 10 team standard league. Currently in 1st at 8-2 with the most points scored. I am dropping Parkey to pick up McDonald for Kittle’s bye and will pick up another kicker later in the week. I picked up Lamar last week and picked up Ware and Gio as insurance/for week 16. I plan to pick up Denver’s D to hold for weeks 14-16. Most of my starting lineup is solidified however I’m unsure of whether I should upgrade my flex from Chubb/Coleman/Jeffrey to a top tier RB/WR? The other playoff teams have Kamara, Gurley, Gordon, and Barkley so I doubt any of them would be selling those players. Zeke is a potential target though Dallas’ offense scares me. Should I just ride it out with Chubb or should I try to package two of these players to get an elite player? If so, any targets in particular accounting for ROS schedules, possibly buy lows, etc.?

Thank you!!

You could package Chubb and Jeffrey for a stud flex, but if you cant get a stud, I would be ok going with Chubb.