In a bit of a pickle......?

My opponent has both Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Emmanuel Sanders this week that could produce huge numbers this week. Would it be crazy to play four players in one game? I have 3 of the main Steelers offensive weapons and Austin Ekeler. Is it risky to play all four players? I have been doing well this season rolling with the Juju, Brown, and Conner stack most of season. Just curious on thoughts of the matter. Other RBs are Aaron Jones, James White, Tarik Cohen, and Gus Edwards. I know I have a lot of RBs in my lineup, because my opponent needed an RB so I snatched all the best RBs. Need that W!!

All the steelers players are startable assets. I am in a similiar situation moving forward with broncos (basically is royce startable against raiders and sf?

Who are your other WR though, if you were to play only 1 steeler pass catcher

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My WRs are AB, Juju, D. J. Moore, and Josh Reynolds. Royce Freeman would be a good start if it weren’t Lindsay being the RB1 for Denver right now. If the Broncos have a higher scoring game then possibly they roll with Royce to finish the game off.

I have lindsay and nabbed royce as a handcuff plus potential flex.

For you i think reynolds could have a similiar outing to juju if you arent comfortable putting all your eggs in one basket, especially against a defense thats been solid of late.
He has taken over the slot roll that kupp played. goff loves the slot passes. He’ll be good for 75yrds and some endzone looks.

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Thanks for advice! I once had Copper Kupp, so I was happy to scoop up Reynolds when I could. The only reason I’m not playing either of the other two receivers this week is to see if they can produce solid outings with all the starters coming back for both teams against terrible teams. Lindsay is an amazing play this week! What are your other players besides Freeman that you can flex. Also, who is your other starting RB?