In a bit of a situation with JJ nelson

So I may have made a big mistake. I benched Garcon on Thurs because I was planning on rolling out JJ nelson, Jordy Nelson, and Tyreek Hill. Now im concerned over JJ nelson being questionable, but my other options kind of suck now: Marquis Lee and Thielen. Realy not sure what to do at all. I may roll the dice but im concerned come monday night JJ is out.

Also im just really beating myself up over Garcon. The over under was so low on that game I was sure it was going to be a 14-10 affair. At least my opponent started cooper kupp.

I have JJ Nelson as well. Nelson SHOULD play. He plays Monday and that gives him another day. I plan on putting Nelson in the lineup. However, if at gametime Nelson doesn’t play I recommend picking up Jaron Brown, who would take the position of JJ Nelson.

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I was debating this, either i drop someone now and grab Jaron, or id be stuck dropping nelson, although i can also see how the week is shaking out… I dont want to drop marquis lee, I have a feeling he will be decent in half pt going forward potentially

Don’t worry, I benched Garcon too and my opponent started Kupp :sob: :sob:
Who else is on your bench that you could possibly switch out if need be (in addition to your WRs)?

Bench is Thielen, Eifert ( UGH ) Garcon, Luck, J Stewart, M.Lee

Haha, I have Eifert too! If I were you I would have 2 options…

Safer Option:
Trade Lee for Jaron Brown that way you have confidence you have at least someone as a backup. I feel the Jags WR core can either go back and forth between Hurns and Lee.

Riskier Option:
Keep as is and plan on playing JJ Nelson.

It depends on your risk tolerance and how committed you are to Lee. IMO, i’m not worried at all about Nelson. Additionally, Lee is a hit or miss given Bortles and playing in London.

I believe that Yahoo lets you drop someone after they’ve played as long as you haven’t rostered them so maybe I can see how well my opponent is doing and then adjust according to risk. Thanks for taking the time to help. Jaron Brown is on the wire also