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In a pickle 🤔


I am 6th on the waivers to be done by Saturday, and I want to try and claim Winston. I have Brees, Mariota, and Wentz as QB’s. Someone wants to trade Mariota for me to get Montgomery. Who should I pick up right now unless my waiver fails: next best qbs Bortles, Keenum, Hoyer and Watson.


Are you in a 2QB or 3QB league??


2 QB league. One one th bench.


Why so many qbs? Take Montgomery and run


Get Montgomery ASAP! If you keep 2 QBs, I’d of course keep Brees. I’d opt for Winston as the second, because he has a sweet schedule later in the season.


We play two qbs each week. But who is a safe pick up if I can’t get Winston. I was thinking Watson since I’d be trading Mariota away. I would stream Brees and Wentz.


Deshaun Watson over the other 3.


Thank you!!!