In a pickle

My team in a half point 12 team league

QB. Alex Smith

RB. Kareem hunt
Melvin Gordon
Marshawn Lynch
Carlos Hyde
Aaron Jones
Bilal Powell

WR. Amari Cooper
Golden Tate
Sammy Watkins
Emmanuel Sanders
D.J. Moore
John Brown

TE. Ben Watson

DEF. New Orleans.

Eventually I will need to get a kicker but I figured i would wait till start of the regular season but my question now is how it stands who would i cut today to pick up a kicker? Also someone just dropped Allen Hurns. Do I drop someone to pick him up as well? I could use some more help at WR I think. Thanks for the help.

Cut Moore and Brown, grab Hurns and your Kicker.

I wouldn’t cut those RBs.

I know people are high on Moore, but Hurns is a better option. And you need a kicker, so…


I was actually thinking of dropping Moore too. He looks like the 5th option on that offense behind funchess, Samuel, Olsen, and McCaffery. I was bouncing between Brown and Powell. Hard to cut Brown when he is looking like the #1 in Baltimore. Didn’t know if i would ever use Powell just keeping him in case any of my RBs get hurt in the preseason. Thanks for the input.

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I have Moore on both of my teams this year, so I’m really hoping he’ll catch on. But if I had a chance to grab Hurns, I’d take it.

There’s a strong (and growing) contingent of Powell truthers claiming he will be the starting NYJ RB. He’s now ranked above people like Ro-Jo, James White, TY Montgomery, and CJ in the Ballers RB rankings. I take that as an indication to hang on to him.

True. I actually have the UDK and reverted back to that to decide to drop Rob Kelley to grab Powell. Then I saw someone dropped Hurns so I’m gonna put a waiver claim in for him.

have you thought about trading yet??
trade your 2 for one?

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I have been debating it. Not sure who I want to target though

I like the idea of dropping moore for hurns and maybe drop Powell for a kicker, just really dont see the use personally going to be there for him

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I would not drop brown him and flacohave been hot in preseason and a lot of buzz from brown coming from camp. I would drop hyde .

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