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In a ppr league


Would you rather have any of these runningbacks over Doug Martin?

Kamara - sharing with ingram
Howard - injury risk
Mcaffrey - low ceiling
Ajayi - I don’t even know

These are some guys my leaguemates are low on and I could probably get if I throw in t y hilton.



Honestly lol I would take all of them over Martin right now. The bucks have just looked bad this year, maybe they turn it around because their offense is crazy good.


II would take Howard (HUGE volume, injury seems past him) for sure over Martin and Karama probably. McCaffrey and Ajayi are below Martin for me. I am still high on Martin based on his volume and decent production so far. Averaging 16 carries a game and has a nice schedule coming up this season. Would be a great third back and can probably play him over Kamara based on matchup.