In a ppr league

Would you rather have any of these runningbacks over Doug Martin?

Kamara - sharing with ingram
Howard - injury risk
Mcaffrey - low ceiling
Ajayi - I don’t even know

These are some guys my leaguemates are low on and I could probably get if I throw in t y hilton.


Honestly lol I would take all of them over Martin right now. The bucks have just looked bad this year, maybe they turn it around because their offense is crazy good.

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II would take Howard (HUGE volume, injury seems past him) for sure over Martin and Karama probably. McCaffrey and Ajayi are below Martin for me. I am still high on Martin based on his volume and decent production so far. Averaging 16 carries a game and has a nice schedule coming up this season. Would be a great third back and can probably play him over Kamara based on matchup.

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