In a "rb premium" league...thoughts on going wrzero this year?

I have the 10th spot in a full ppr,1.5 points for every 10 rushing yards.whats your thought on punting wr even if the value is there??out of the top 15 flex end of season rankinge,14 ended up being rbs.

Yeah i can totally see the value in that, maybe go first 5 rounds all RB and then pick up a few mid round WR’s. That way your covered in both RB slots, Flex, and a few bye-week fill ins

Look at the Top 50. Usually the top 20 is dominated by RBs but then WRs take over from 20-50.

I think take RB with top 2 and then play best available. Is there only a bonus for rushing yards and no other position?

The RBs after round 3 really start getting real bad. So if you want to load up on 3 studs early on and then start going WR after thats fine.

1.5 for 10 rushing yards and only 1 for 10 receiving yards.also this happens to make rushing qbs just that much better.