In a slow draft-- who should I pick?

So I’m about to be up at the 7th pick of the 3rd round. My team right now is CMC and OBJ… I traded my 4th round pick for a 6th round pick and swapped firsts to go up for CMC, but OBJ fell to my natural spot at 2.06.

The decision now is between AJ Green or Devonta Freeman for me. ertz, mahomes, Kittle, Kerryon, Josh Jacobs, Diggs also options worthy of consideration…

HELP! I have no idea what to do! (PPR scoring)

redraft or dynasty?

redraft league. plunder and pillage style, haha

That is to say, IF you lose on a week, the winner gets to take one of your players and leave you with one of theirs. Any one of their choosing. I could get OBJ taken from me and receive devante parker off his bench. SO winning right out the gates in crucial.

I get to protect one player each week from being stolen

In that case I’d say Ertz for obvious positional differentiation. kerryon is hyped but might start slow, same with jacobs(contract dispute/rookie). I love Freeman too but doesn’t give you the premium Ertz does. Ertz should be ppr gold, I can’t see you regretting it.

it’s a good suggestion. I like it. Wouldn’t AJG give good PPR too though? and I’m worried about RB getting thin… think I could still get a James White or Cohen or Penny in the 5th? I wont have a pick next round

Bengals could be in tank mode a quarter way through the season, with a QB situation. Also there first round o-lineman is out for the season. Love AJ but massive bust potential. I don’t see Ertz disappointing at this price. You will have a comfortable 5-10 point head start at the TE position against 7/9 of your opponents

well the guy before me just took freeman, so I think Ertz is definitely the pick. savin my life man. Thanks.

No worries, I think even if the other options have a good season you won’t disappointed, thats how I look at it. good luck