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In a snake draft, standard league, having pick #7 or 8, would it be smart to stack up on Rbs with your first two picks?


So my league has a very deep bench. Therefore, most owners draft 2 qbs and some will draft 3 even though we only start 1 qb. Knowing this, streaming a qb is not possible. How much would you value qb in a league like this?


Depends, how many owners in your league?


12 owners. 6 pts for passing tds. Every thing is standard (non-ppr)


I value them a little more then. 10 man league not really. Im willing to bet you can still wait and stock up later. Just keep track of QBs and wait. That way you get superb depth elsewhere while everyone is spending earlier picks on QB. Because even if you get to a point where everyone has a QB, and lets say 6 guys have 3, and you have held off. that means 20 QBs have gone. That means almost 2 full rounds of players have been taken just at QB. That’s some tremendous value you will have that will easily make up for having bottom of the barrel guys. If that senario happens though, just check to see who has what. You dont want 5 guys behind you hungry for a QB when you have none.


Awesome. Thanks for the feedback.


While it will change the overall value slightly and prevent streaming, I’d still be looking to go as late as possible. Target 2-3 QBs in the 15-20 range and play the matchups from your bench. Might have to “reach” a little earlier than typically discussed, but if you’re tracking your opponents, you’ll know when to pounce.

If you do mock drafts with the Fantasy Pros draft wizard, set it for super flex to simulate a little extra value to see how that changes things.


That’s a great idea! Simulating a mock is the biggest problem I have since qbs go so much earlier than normal drafts. Thanks!


Did you test out that idea? Did it work?


I agree with what the other guys have said.

One suggestion for a league like this would be to keep yourself to 2 QBs that are solid mid-range guys who rarely miss game time. If you draft a guy like Eli, you will have a lot of confidence that you’ll get him for 16 weeks. (As opposed to Big Ben, who is guaranteed for what… 5 games?) You might not love having him on your team, but you’ll love that you can depend on him to start every week of the year.

Having Eli as your QB2, then you can strategize a pool of 3 or 4 guys that you might grab a few rounds earlier than him. (Consider it your own “tier” of late QB1 options.) Hopefully then you’re not forced into over-spending on QBs like the rest of your league is. And you’ll have your QB set for the season because you’ve drafted guys with little-to-no injury history.