In a uncomfortable situation…

If Kyler Murray is out and I start Heinicke, who do I drop for kicker?

I would just say no kicker, but the guy I’m up against has Brady and TB DST vs ATL, JT at HOU, Javonte by himself, Kelce, plus more upside at WR. I’m really nervous and I need to win to try and secure a 1st round bye in the playoffs

If you need those extra points from the Kicker bad enough then maybe cut one of the TEs loose and try to re-add them after the weekend if it works aht. That’s what I would do.

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Problem with that is which TE lol they are both pretty much the same. Solid matchup, TD upside, will bust with no TD

Yeah, honestly couldn’t go wrong either way. At quick glance WFT offense seems to be alittle more of a bright spot than PIT. Both Defenses they are going against are bottom 4 against TE so you really can’t choose wrong. hopefully someone chimes in with advice to push you off the fence.
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I think I’d drop Logan Thomas here. I don’t think it’ll come to that as I think Kyler plays


In dropping one, Dillon is a possible candidate.

While he has filled in nicely and is a good player, he didn’t prove to me, personally, to be a must have while Jones was out, especially since you dont have Jones. Jones is still the RB1 and will see majority of the work after the bye, imho.

Drop Dillion since Jones is going to be back?

Jones was back last week, although it was a lite workload. Jones should be fully healthy after the bye week.

Again, it is just a suggestion. With your current roster set up you dont need Dillon unless Jones gets hurt again.

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