In a Weird TE position right now

I picked up Chris Herndon a couple of weeks ago, with hopes of him starting this week on Darren wallers bye. However, I traded Darren Waller to upgrade at my WR position because I also picked up Hunter Henry who can be back any week. But since Herndon tweeked his hammy and is out for the week I had to cut my handcuff (pollard) and picked up Everett to start this week. So now I am in a position with 3 TEs and am not comfortable with cutting any of them because of the upside, but I want to pick up Dede Westbrook that is sitting on the waivers and calling my name. What do I do footclan… please help!!!

Well you need Everett now. I would cut Henry. They haven’t given a time for his return have they? I was really looking forward to the upside of Herndon and 1 week seems worth holding onto. Go get Dede.