In desperate need of QB to replace Watson! Should I trade Fournette/Hopkins to make that happen?

In a full PPR, I lost Watson to that horrible injury. The league is deep in QB’s this year and picked up Brissett and Savage. My leaguemate (who is first place) is offering me Brees/Hunt/Engram for Fournette/Hopkins. Should I make this happen?

I currently have the following:
QBs: Savage, Brissett
RBs: Bell, Fournette, Ivory, Crowell
WRs: Fitz, Hopkins, Parker, Hurns, Wallace
TE: Brate, Reed

I wouldn’t. Brees hasn’t been great honestly. He hasn’t been bad at all, but he’s been far from a top 3 QB we expect him to be. I’m generally against trading for QBs in big package trades where a QB is the main focal point. WR/RBs are just worth so much more than QBs. It’s not a horrible trade, because I like Hunt > Fournette ROS, but I wouldn’t do it

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To play devils advocate, I’d probably do that deal easily. You have Savage throwing to Hopkins against a horrid defense last week. Can’t expect that week after week. You’re gaining some production at TE no matter who is at QB there IMO, vastly upgrading at QB, and arguably trading out even on RB’s.


I would do the trade. Also not a fan of trading for QBs, but Brees would be a significant upgrade over Brissett/Savage. Hopkins will be highly volatile going forward. Hunt is equal to Fournette ROS imo.