In desperate need of trade advice

Please help!! I need you fantasy veterans to help me not look like a fool in my father-in-law’s league. I’m not as experienced with the intricacies of in-season moves as you veterans.

League is ten team with one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one Flex, standard scoring. I’m not sure if this is standard procedure, but in this particular league you are forced to roster five WRs, five RBs, three QBs, two TEs.

Anyways - this is my roster
Russell Wilson
Case Keenum
Eli Manning

Todd Gurley
Devonta Freeman
Kerryon Johnson
James White
Rex Burkhead

Doug Baldwin
Amari Cooper :frowning:
Marvin Jones
Alston Jeffery
Marquise Goodwin


I don’t want to over react, and I knew going into the season that my WRs would take a few weeks to get to full strength, but with simultaneous injurious to Baldwin and Goodwin coupled with a terrible first game from Amari Cooper - what should I be doing going into the games tomorrow?

With the RBs, Gurley is a set and forget, but Freeman’s knee has me in a bad spot for a few weeks as I was hoping my RBs would carry the team until Alshon Jeffery came back. Should I be looking to trade Freeman to the Bell owner? Yeldon is still available on waivers right now, but I would have to drop someone (most likely Kerryon) to pick him up, but that would also invest five of my players into one game :slightly_frowning_face:. Please help

Also would Goodwin for Josh Gordon be a good idea with the nature of his release still unknown?

JDon’t trade for Josh Gordon
If you want try to trade a WR trade Baldwin he has a lot of value to some and a lot risk.
You can play James White and Gurley no problem this week. Low risk and high potential
Amari Cooper, if you sit him he will score. But him and Marvin have great upside/high ceilings but a lot of risk.
So far decent balance. :neutral_face:
Your flex is tough
Flexing a TE’s is a hard play after the last couple years of TE play, but Flexing Kerryon this week, if he has his first boom week, would really show your league your not some noobie. I wouldn’t trade Kerryon yet he has some potential according to TFFB.
I’d wait to trade to find out more about D freeman. He is a stud and if James White has a great week you will have a lot of trade value with him because you don’t want both those Patriots RB that’s a headache.

That is beyond unfortunate and head-scratching that any league would require you to have more than 1 Qb, but carry on…
As in definitely keep carry on johnson for the time being, and use the guys you have here such as one of the pats guys. Be confident with cooper and jones jr this week as they both cannot play worse than last week. In terms of trading, you are in a rough spot with all these injuries and many of your players being forced to sell low if you do. I would take a flier on Gordon as Goodwin is not playing anyways.

If you come to the point desperate for a wr or rb to fill spots then your most valuable trade piece seems to be Gronk

Josh Gordon is going to be released and nobody knows what’s goIng to happen just a FYI before your trade without that info

I see a lot more value in Jarvis Landry now that Gordon is gone, Njoku should profit of that