In desperet need of a WR this week

someone is wanting me to trade them one of my RBs and i Really need some WRs especially if im giving up one of my RB. Which would you trade away and for what? I would really like to get 2 players out of it if possible.

My RB: Ingram, Henry, Johnson, Mixon(most likely wont take Mixon lol)
MY WR: Hopkins, Marvin Jones, TY (BYE), Sanders, Shepard(out), AJ Green

His WR: Kennen Allen, Woods,Boyd, Fuller, Fitz,

Which Johnson is it??

There are 15 Johnson’s at RB that I can see in the league as if its any other than David trade away it is David keep.

So only trade Mixon and see what you can get I would try to just get Allen, but if he does not like that then maybe Boyd and FItz/fuller??

Its Kerryon Johnson.