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In-Draft Advice for Auctions

I am doing an auction start up draft this offseason. League is two flex, no defense, no kicker. 24 total roster spots. I have been doing a lot of research on how to get the most our of your auction draft. I like most of the preparation tips such as creating tiers so you don’t get locked on one guy. Also create a flexible budget for approximately how much you want to spend on each of your roster spots. So I have been working through that. I have also seen advice for in draft though. I have seen people advise that you keep track of how much each player goes for so you can track how AAV changes based on remaining total money left. I have also seen taht you should track every other owners rosters to see what they still need and what their max bid is left. This sounds like a lot of work, and something that would make it difficult to actually pay attention to your own draft? How much number crunching do you guys do during an auction draft, or do you just relax and trust your research going in?

I use excel to organize the auction values and tiers for every position. I use the Footballers tier rankings to organize the players. I try to highlight players that are low cost for their tier.

When it’s your turn to nominate a player, nominate a high cost player you don’t want. Odds are someone thinks the player is worth the “ADP”, this will cause them to blow their budget, also it lets you see how people bid.

As for tracking your opponents, also use excel for this. You can format the cells for each owner to have their own row, the top “x” axis is player names, “y” axis is position, bottom is the total remaining budget. If you want me to send you the excel file I use then PM me or drop an email address you don’t mind sharing with the world!