In full ppr, and full point for rushing and receiving 1st downs, rank these rbs in order

Barkley, Elliott, CMC, Kamara.

Thanks in advance!

Kamara fourth (saints have many creative ways of getting first downs and he is not a volume guy), close your eyes and throw a dart for the rest. CMC’s ridiculous ppr advantage puts him on par with Saquon and Zeke.

If this is for a draft try to trade down to the third pick

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4th kamara

3rd CMC

2nd Barkely

1st Zeke

kamara is obvious, and as already mentioned above, its all about how they get the 1sts and sean is a creative dude.

CMC in 3rd is not a knock, i just have less faith in that offense which is weird, because Cam is looking healthier shoulder wise. he will be a PPR monster and will get plenty of 1st down runs and receptions.

Barkley is based solely off of his pure talent. i also think the giants offense will not be good, but i think barkley is every bit the receiver as CMC is for his team, but a superior rusher and super creative in space.

Zeke, its his offense. we know it, the cowboys know it, amajad in siberia knows it. so him at 1 is more of a vote of confidence that they will be at least ok on O, and that zeke will be a beast in doing what he does. wreck games.