In game add/drop

I just joined a new league and apparently they do not have a cutoff for add/drops when the games begin, so during a game you can add/drop any player but can’t change the starting lineup . Has anyone played with this system, if so, what is your opinion?
I think it’s nonsense because I feel I would need to watch all my players/all games to look for injuries to pickup their handcuff or to pickup the “hot hand” on a team and I REALLY don’t want to pony up the satellite subscription or go to a sports bar every week to be able to watch them all.

Garbage, I hate silly little things like that. I am a bit of a football freak, I have Sunday Ticket and watch all the games anyway, but as soon as the game starts add/drops for players in that game should be locked.


^ Agreed that’s a nonsense rule

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Yeah that’s busch league!

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  1. Is this an active rule being set or the lack of a rule against it?
  2. When a player is dropped, are they imedialty available as a FA or are dropped players locked?

Someone in that league (commish?) is likely able to watch most games live. If someone snipes the first few ‘waiver wire’ from him/them, it will likely change.

If I was in this league I would be actively exploiting this rule. Adding and dropping players during every game.