In huge trouble with byes and injuries - who to drop?

Standard league. With Brandin Cooks out on bye and now AJ Green likely to miss, I’m needing to drop someone to pick up a replacement WR. Last week I picked up both Lamar Jackson and Jameis Winston (because I’m worried about Flacco returning). I would just roll with Winston but I think Lamar Jacksons upside is too good, and I’d hate to drop him and have him take over for the rest of the season, especially with that juicy schedule.

The only other players I’m rostering that I’d consider droppable are Shady and Josh Adam’s, but I’d really like to hang on to both as well, and there are RB needy teams that would likely jump on those

Tldr; - who do I drop for an emergency replacement WR?

Lamar Jackson
Jameis Winston
Lesean Mccoy
Josh Adam’s (currently slotted in my flex, would move McCoy to flex this week).

My other RBs are Gurley, James White, and Michel, so it’s unlikely I’ll play either josh Adam’s or McCoy in the upcoming weeks barring injury.

If it were me I would drop josh Adams it seems you have a to of RB depth and I don’t like running back committees so that’s who I would go with


Drop Winston. Just go look at his TD to interception ratio. You’ll feel better about dropping him in this emergency situation.

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Addendum: I did not check your running back depth enough. Adams is a fine drop. I still don’t like Winston (lol) but Adams is sounding like a better drop.

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That’s a good point… I dont exactly see myself playing Adam’s over my 3 starting RBs, and I was bit before by the eagles backfield with Clement…

See my concern with dropping Winston is that if Jackson is only a one week rental, I’m screwed at QB and I play with players who will purposefully pick up QBs to block others (especially since I’m still in first place currently). The other QBs on the wire would be guys like Eli Manning, Dak Prescott, and other dudes I would lot be excited to play. Winston throws a lot of ints but thankfully he makes up for it with TD potential. In my league an int is only -1 point.

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It is a very valid concern and I am biased against Winston. Based on your RB depth I think @Steuck2488 said it best, and Adams is a safer drop, again, based on your roster.

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Thanks for the help guys. I guess as a bonus question, would you pick up MVS, Sterling Shepard, Keke Coutee or DJ Moore? Im behind significantly due to the way the Thursday games shook out, so I need someone who could potentially explode. I’m leaving Shepard (because of the depleted secondary on the other side this week) or MVS maybe…

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Moore is my vote! I wrote on another forum post about why Moore is in a solid situation this week so with that in mind Moore’s got my vote! Then Shep, MVS Zane finally Coutee.

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