In Need of a BIG Week

Long story, short - I’m up against one of the best teams in my league this week and probably won’t even come close no matter who I play. BUT, I could still use some help decided who to start this week. Teams are as follows:

    Me   |   Opponent

QB: Cousins | Brees
WR: OBJ | Julio
WR: Jeffery | M. Thomas
RB: Hunt | Lamar Miller (10.2)
RB: Howard | TyMont
FLEX: Maclin? | Watkins
TE: Ertz | Graham
DEF: Cincy (7) | Carolina

On my bench: DeVante Parker, Crowell, Cohen, Mixon, Riddick, Dak

Cincy D and Miller have already player (points in parens) with my opponent projected to win by 19 points. Obviously, projections aren’t gospel, but his matchups do look pretty juicy. I’m thinking I need to play my highest upside guys to have a shot at winning this week. I’m just not sure who that is. I’m even considering benching OBJ since he’s not 100% and the Giants offense just looks abysmal. ANY input whatsoever is appreciated… I really don’t have a feel for my team this week.

Brotha, fello #footclan member. You have a chance to beat this guy. Your team is not that much worse than his… seriously. Cousins is poised to throw a lot this week so he can get your numbers. If OBJ plays… he has a VERYYYY good chance to put up the same numbers as Julio. Hunt>Miller… Howard and TyMont could be a wash, and Ertz>Graham this week. Who are your bench players? Because Maclin is going to be very good this week in my opinion.

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Yeah I think your team has a chance to beat his. Piece of advise though. OBJ plays Monday so it may be a game time decision. Make sure to throw him in your flex that way if he doesn’t play, you can throw in Riddick.

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Ayyy thanks for the input, @nickknights and @Myndflyte! I appreciate the pick-me-up! I don’t think I’m quite as high on OBJ as you might be considering how utterly horrendous Eli and that o-line looked last week (not to mention he’s not 100% yet), but perhaps I’m being too hard on him. I can just see him being shut down by Slay if he plays @ less than 100%.

Bench players are Parker, Crowell, Cohen, Riddick, Dak, Mixon (already played obv)

I suppose I should mention this is a 1/2 PPR. I’m leaning toward Maclin as well, but had to wonder if Parker might have a higher ceiling.

Good call @Myndflyte on putting OBJ in the FLEX. I’ll move him back to a WR slot if we get word on Saturday that he’s playing and not just a GTD again. Thanks again, guys!