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In need of a league


TBH, my league I’m in sucks. Theres no smack talk, BARELY any trading, and at least 2 autodraft times. After listening to the Footballers for nearly a year now, I understand that it’s time for a new league. I’d preferably look for an ESPN league of either 10 or 12 teams. If anyone has an open spot, please let me know because I want to be on my way to a #footclantitle


I’m starting a 12 team 2 keeper league. Need active people


Hey man, I’m starting a 10 team PPR league with other fellow clan members - so it will be what you’re looking for. Its on ESPN and I’m still looking for a couple spots to fill! Let me know if you’re interested.


perfect, I’m down. my email is josephn013@gmail.com


Awesome. Its full point ppr on ESPN (saw your comment on my other thread). I’ll send you an invite


Any spots still open?


Sorry, just filled out. GL