In need of a new dynasty league

Hey everyone I was wondering if there are any new dynasty leagues that I can join. Really want an actual competitive league because the last league I was in never made trades and it was always like the same top two teams.
Any help or recommendations are awesome!

Hey, I’m also interested in a Dynasty League this year! I’d be down for a buy in as well. If anyone knows how or where to get started on these things, I’d be interested.

checkout my post about a high competitive league i am starting up.

@Paandaabear check out my leauge! you would be an excellent fit!

I’ve got two leagues that have openings. One is an already established league where you would be taking over an oprhan team that’s a pretty solid team. The other league is a new startup league with two spots still open. Both buy-ins are $25 and I can give you all the other info if you email me at

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I am in the exact same boat so would also like to join any dynasty leagues, either startup or take over an existing team

I am working on a new empire league that will be superflex and TE premium with some other scoring tweaks and nuances. I am still working on the details and drafting the bylaws, but I will post it on here in a week or two. If you would be interested let me know and I will PM you when I have the full details ready.