In need of a QB

Who would you target to acquire as a QB out of the following.


I had Deshaun Watson and Jameis before injuries. Literally was down to no qbs and picked up Keenum off of waivers.

Here is my roster and what would you give up for who?

Look first at your other teams and see

if some has serious needs at rb or wr because they are more likely to deal in your favor.

Looking at your roster, I would trade Jones. Furness is on a roll with Benjamin gone. Jones has been okay on yardage but not touchdowns(Ryan regressing this year)

There are 3 teams that I’ve looked at trading and they all have a need at WR. They all have the Qb’s listed above as well.

Which qb would you try to target going forward? I feel like my roster is good enough to carry me, if i can get decent qb play.

I just acquired Julio like 2 weeks ago. I just feel like he has the upside and a very favorable playoff schedule.

I hear a lot of people saying that about Julio because they play the saints, but Marshawn Lattimore CB has been shutting down opposing WRs, and Ryan has been playing better, but nowhere near the level he needs to be for me to consider Julio a top 3 WR where he was drafted

So which qb would you target from the list above? Rest of season and playoff run.

Probably would target Cam just because of his rushing ability, If Dallas LT comes back, then Prescott would be the best option ROS

Yeah…unless this is a 2 qb league Jones is worth way way more than any quarterback. I think I would target Dak or Goff, although Goff isn’t a recommended play for this week. You could probably give up Funchess or Allen and expect to get a qb+ an asset in my opinion.

What trade package would you put together for either? Both teams that I would trade need a WR. The guy that has Cam is in last place.

Maybe Lee and Agholor for Cam? Im honestly not sure man. You are super deep at WR so giving up 2 for Cam even though he is getting the better deal is not going to hurt you. You cant start 6 WRs every week

How would you feel about like a one for one that way i keep the depth at WR? Like Julio, Allen or Funchess?

Its whatever your guy will accept. Me personally I wouldnt even consider trading Julio for Cam. That would be terrible value. Allen or funchess would be better but im not sure you can get him to accept that. All you can do is try though