In need of a TE, HELP!

I drafted Vance Dance. Week 1 was putrid. Should I grab Noah Fant or… currently on waivers; Vernon Davis, B. Jarwin, J. Graham, J. Witten?

I wouldn’t drop Vance for any of them. He still had four targets in an abysmal offensive effort on a team begging someone else to step up in the passing game that will certainly need to pass frequently this year. That being said, if you have a paperweight at the end of your bench, couldn’t hurt to add Vernon or a DAL TE or Graham. I think Graham is a 4 catch, hope for a TD guy at this point in his career, but most of the TE selection out there is. I’d ride out Vance for another couple weeks. He gets Seattle and SF, neither of which is particularly scary on paper.

agree with Fauxfbmike…steelers offense was junk and thier gameplan was a giant failure…they will rework it and vance could come out and get 8 targets next week…none of the guys you listed will have that output if he comes out week 2 and does nothing now start to consider a pivot…this also becomes a question about team make up…if you have team that needs a boom type of player vance is more likely to provide that then witten or graham

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