In need of a WR1 -- Got this trade offer. Gordon for OBJ + Cook

I turned this down even though I could really use help in WR.

Melvin Gordon is a huge stud. I don’t think OBJ & Cook comes close to his value.
Am I over valuing him in this situation?
Plus I have Gordon handcuffed. If anything unfortunate happens I lose only one week of production from him.

1/2 point PPR.
Current WR situation: Emmanuel Sanders, Julian Edelman, Calvin Ridley, Keke Coutee, Sammy Watkins, Cooper Kupp

My RB landscape: Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt, Joe Mixon, Austin Ekeler, Darren Sproles (IR)

You’re not overvaluing him at all.

He’s a top 3 asset. He’s arguably a better asset than kamara by a little, and that’s irreplaceable.

Even though OBJ will produce, he’s not in the best situation and the jury is still out on Cook this year.

Great decline.

Thank you.

Thursday’s game made me even more worried. Eli was not throwing well and many WR’s were looking frustrated… But right after he spoke to the media… And he had another outburst. I just don’t trust having OBJ in my lineup. Especially not with Gordon on the trading block.
OBJ is a star. But if he keeps acting up, and is QB can’t hit the mark, I am worried he’s going to get even less looks.

I will keep trying to target the likes of Thielen or Smith-Schuster. (For Mixon. Not my Gordon.)

Oooooo mixon for Smith-Schuster sounds nice…

But I’d rather have 3 workhorse RBs in my lineup. That’s just my preference. JuJu is certainly producing though…

I hear ya.
No matter how many trade offers I entertain I just can’t get rid of the heavy workload RBs either.

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Thoughts on this?

OBJ + Chris Carson for Kareem Hunt.

I like OBJ’s schedule rest of season–if he shapes up some of his attitude this is one I could debate though I’m not high on Chris Carson.

May counter with OBJ + Dalvin Cook for Kareem Hunt + Keke Coutee (I’d have to drop someone anyhow.)