In need of RB help

Possible trade. I have Bell and need running back help as I am off to a 1-4 start. Should I trade AJ Green and Alex Collins for Jordan Howard and Phillip Lindsay. Non ppr 10 team league. My other RBs are Clement, Hines, Lewis, Royce Freeman and Ronald Jones. My Wrs are Adams, Kupp, Landry, Shepard and Mike Williams.

I would it.

You have the depth at WR and I think Howard will work out in the end and you’ll be able to pick between Royce and Lindsay when the time comes.

Great great trade!

Would you do the same trade but with Adams instead of AJ Green?

If I were you would I value more?

It’s a toss up honestly.

On one hand you have Green who has always produced and it looks like he’ll have another great year…but he has Dalton throwing to him, which actually isn’t that bad this year.

On the other you have Davante, who is ARods clear number one.

I’d see if you can do it with Davante first because you might be able to. But you’ll for sure be able to get it done with Green, i think.