In need of some Conner verification

12 man full point PPR

I’m being offered Kupp and Conner for my Diggs

My wrs:

J Williams

I’m inclined to say yes. What do you guys think?

That’s tough. I don’t personally like having 2 receivers on the same team because it caps your weekly upside if you play them both. I like Kupp in general and Conner is an RB1 until Bell is back. I think it’s a pretty big hit at WR for you and only a temporary bump at RB. If there are keepers though I would say yes because conner is potentially an elite keeper.

100% understandable because I don’t either. I would look to move Wood/Kupp/Conner if I could get a better WR from someone else.

I compared 2017 for Diggs and Kupp and they were both in the 800 yard range with a difference of less than 30 yards.

Kupp (as a rookie which influenced me): 869 yards 5 TDs

Diggs: 849 yards 8 TDs

That’s actually a good idea, you might be able to flip conner and kupp to someone else for more than Diggs is worth

Also I think Kupp has a good year but on a per game basis he doesn’t have the ceiling Diggs has. Diggs has injury concerns which is why those numbers look comparable to Kupp’s in a season long view. Honestly either way this trade is tough call because it close. I may talk with the bell owner and see if you can flip those two to him for a better player. Also I’d probably try to flip Woods instead of Kupp because I’m with you I think he’ll be good.


The Diggs ceiling is higher but I’m currently living on the side of Theielens leftovers.

I had Thielen last year and just remember him eat all targets.

It looks like he is again too

I’d understand if he got 15-25 less but Theilen went out and got 106. Maybe Diggs gets the best defenders but there’s no sympathy points in FF

What are the odds that you could flip Kupp and someone like Jamaal Williams into a player like Jarvis Landry? Because in full PPR that would be huge upgrade at both positions.

That’d be a big stretch. It would have to be more like Kupp and Howard

I probably wouldn’t trade a WR2 and an RB1 for Landry.

But I agree, it’s probably too low of an offer to get landry