In need of some keeper thoughts

16 teams, 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX. Funny scoring. Basically, receiving is much stronger than rushing, and bad QBs (high-int/low completion rates) get punished.

  • 2pt ppr
  • 1pt/3yds rushing
  • 1pt/5yds receiving
  • 6pt/-6pt touchdown/interception
  • 1pt/-1pt completion/incompletion

3 keepers, everyone has to keep 3 players and there’s no difference between picks in terms of round value of anything, just a flat 3 keepers. Rosters get pretty deep.

I have Dak and Amari stack which I’m really liking, and then 2 RBs of note - Kareem Hunt and Miles Sanders. I’m leaning Kareem based on the passing work - feels more likely to “win” a week, which is important as the scores can get very swingy (there’s IDP as well)

Two questions;

  • Firstly, is Hunt the right choice or am I too down on Sanders?
  • Secondly, is keeping Dak the right choice, or should I consider dropping him and taking both Hunt and Sanders?

Next best players on roster are probably DeVante Parker and Mike Williams, so don’t think I need to think about anyone other than the 4 above


Seems like Hunt is the safer choice since the Browns are basically putting the same offense back on the field this year. Who knows what the Eagles offense is going to be like this year.


Agreed, and based on scoring system (pretty unique I’d say), Hunt preferred over Sanders

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If you don’t keep Dak you can realistically get him with your first pick. Not sure how quick QBs are taken in this kinda league but I would drop Dak and then draft him by reaching a round higher than he should be taken.

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I thought about that - it’s a bit of a gamble tbh,

The top quarterbacks are seen as a premium and generally get kept; last year Mahomes, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, Allen, Dak, Watson all got kept, and Murray went off the board in the first round.

This means that the first 1-2 rounds tend to be really valuable due to some of the good skill players that go back onto waivers. So it’s all about whether I can pick up someone better than Sanders in Round 1 I think.