In need of trade help!

I got offered Tate, Howard, kerryon for Barkley Michel and keelan cole. It’s full ppr the rest of my team is tyreek enunwa amari cooper Ebron cooper kupp, javorius Allen Chris thompson. I’m 0-3 in the league. Lost by 5 points week 1. 135-140. Lost by 1 point week 2, 150-151. Week 3 I lost 109-162. Kinda in a bind and not sure what to do!!

Take it and run… far far away…

Where they will never find you.

Anybody else looking for multiple opinions!

I will go into a little more detail.

Tate is borderline WR 1 in full PPR. He’s normally a lock for 90-1000. I know Golladay is there now too so it’s more of a 3 headed monster but they are going to be throwing a lot this year I have a feeling and it hasn’t affected his targets yet.

Howard is borderline RB 1. He’s not that much of a step down from Barkley had has proven himself in a much larger sample size. He’s also involved in the passing game now, though not as much as Barkley. It could be argued that the Bears offense is better right now in spite of all of the weapons on the Giants.

Kerryon at this very moment is a flex play at the worst and has the potential to blow up if anything happens to Blount.

Barkley is in same ballpark as Howard but you would be getting a starting WR thrown in in Tate

Michel is a Patriots RB so good luck figuring out how he will be figured into the game plan each week. He has potential but Kerryon is the same guy and hasn’t missed time due to injury this year and has proven better in game action so far.

Cole is Jags clear number one and is incredibly talented but in the games where Bortles only throws for 150-200 yards then even as leading receiver his line is looking like 5-50. You can let that go. Tate is an upgrade.

I would keep Barkley, Michel, Cole…

Barkley is much more involved in the Giants offense especially in passing game over Howard…
Barkley better

Kerryon vs Michel is close. Both are still working in RB by committe…Both are emerging tho…
Tie, no clear favorite

I like the upside of Keelan Cole being the clear #1 option in Jax more than I do with the situation in Detroit where they spread the ball out so much to Marvin Jones and Kenny Golladay…
Slightly lean in favor of Cole, but close

In trades like this where it is close, you can argue for either side and not be wrong. In cases like this I want the side of the deal that has clearly the best player and that would be Saquon Barkley…

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