In need of WR for dynasty

12 team PPR 20 man rostersw/ 3 IR slots also, 2 RB/3 WR/2 Flex
I need a better WR core cuz all I have right now is Fitz, Ginn, R. Louis, Jaron B., T. Benjamin, Golladay, Britt and Goodwin
my RB are Howard, Murray, Martin, Cohen, Ellington, Mack and Woodhead (in IR slot)

thinking of offering Fitz , Murray and Cohen or Ellington for Cooper, Green and C.J.
what do you guys think
the guy i’m looking to trade with has really bad RBs

bump for answers lol

I’d try Fitz, Cohen, and Ellington first and see if he takes it. If not than try Demarco, Ginn, and another piece.